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Launch your blog, kickstart your confidence, attract your dream clients, and build the photography business you want—without ever feeling like you’re just feeding another algorithm.

Get a Step-By-Step, No-Fluff Process to Start a Successful Photography Blog From Scratch

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest, clicked through to someone’s website, and thought…

“Wait a minute. Why don’t I ever get clients from searches like this??”

Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest, clicked through to someone’s website, and thought…
“Wait a minute. Why don’t I ever get clients from searches like this??”

In a social-media-dominated world, it can be easy for photographers to fall into the trap of thinking tools like Instagram™ are the ONLY way to attract and connect with potential clients. The problem?

I’m not saying you should abandon ship on the ‘Gram. It’s a valuable tool. 

To feel more confident sharing your own ideas, instead of constantly comparing yourself to others?

To create an evergreen strategy for finding clients + boosting your visibility in your market, using a content creation method that’s worked for decades and is STILL going strong?

Good news: There is. Keep reading and I’ll explain exactly how it works… 👇🏻👇🏻

Create content that positions you as the go-to photographer in your niche?

Effortlessly attract dream clients, without having to post 42 dancing reels every week?

Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up.

Confidently raise your rates without feeling like an imposter or increasing your workload?

Start feeling like the BRAVE badass you are & embody true confidence in yourself and your abilities?

You’re ready to step up & be taken seriously as a photographer and creator. Step one is owning your expertise.

The answer to alllll of those—is blogging.

Because to be clear—you ARE an expert. 

You’ve been at this photography thing for at least a year or two now. (Maybe even longer!) From snapping sweet moments to seeing your clients’ faces when you reveal their photos, you LOVE your photography business and can’t wait to keep building it.

So how do you…

Yes! And no.

Blogging, like the tool photographers (myself included) have been using to fuel their businesses for actual decades.

Blogging, like the content strategy that never goes out of style, no matter what “updates” the Social Media Powers That Be throw at us.

Blogging, like the smartest and simplest way to generate free traffic for your photography website.

THAT kind of blogging.

And before you get all, “But I don’t understand the tech behind blogging!” or “But isn’t it too late to start a new blog??,” let me just share some quick numbers with you. As of 2022…

Um… hold on. Blogging? Like, 2002 blogging?

 quick numbers  as of 2024…

Businesses who blog get 97% more links to their websites. (OptIn Monster)

73% of marketers successfully use content marketing to nurture leads…

97% more



777% of internet users still read blogs (Social Media Today)

…while 64% of marketers use it to generate sales and revenue. (Content Marketing Institute)


…In other words?? If you’re not blogging for your photography business, you’re sleeping on a golden opportunity to get noticed, build your confidence, attract more clients, and grow the business you want—without having to hustle for clients month after month. 

Because between taking care of your family, working with clients, and trying to have a life—time is a hot commodity. You don’t have hours a week to spend figuring out how to..

>> Navigate the “techy stuff” of creating a blog

>> Write articles people actually want to read

>> Trial-and-error your way into turning casual readers into paying customers

Ok… so how do you actually start a blog, in a way that doesn’t feel like a total waste of time?

…And yet—if you COULD get past the overwhelm and build a blog that works for you, you could finally:

💕 Feel like a legit photographer—someone who knows what she’s doing and provides amazing photos your clients truly l-o-v-e

💕 Raise your rates to reflect the real value of your work. No more second guessing yourself or undercharging!

💕 Stand out in your market and stop worrying about where your next project is coming from.

💕 Build the business you want to build. Whether that means mini shoots here and there when you feel like it, a multi-six-figure luxury wedding biz, or anything in between—content marketing puts YOU in control.

[Alright, I’m convinced! Show me how.]

I’m a North Dakota wedding photographer, course creator, and host of the Next Brave Step podcast. When I started my business, I’d just had my first baby and dropped out of college… and despite having taken a handful of business classes, I felt preeeettty unprepared for the whole entrepreneurship thing.

Still, I was committed to building the most efficient and agile photography business possible. I didn’t want to waste time on trendy marketing tactics that moved me forward an inch at a time.

I wanted a proven, scalable method for attracting brides and keeping my calendar full, season after season.

**cue my best Elyse Myers impression** Great question, I would love to tell you.

That’s how I found blogging. Long story short, I realized I could marry my business skills, my writing skills, and my photography skills to catapult my business forward at the speed of light.

Not long after I started blogging...



... I’d made a name for myself as one of my area’s most in-demand wedding photographers.

👉🏻 I was getting discovered on Pinterest.

👉🏻 Couples were Googling wedding photographers and landed on my website.

👉🏻 My blog was helping me find clients while I slept—or, ya know, took care of my kids and shot weddings. :)

Then, disaster struck. My ex-husband found himself at the center of several cardiac emergencies and heart surgeries. This could have put an end to my photography business then and there—but instead, I started creating courses and templates for photographers.

And how did I sell them?? You guessed it. With my blog.

Today, a lot has changed about my life, my business, and the online marketing world. I’m divorced now. Social media becomes even more saturated every day.

If you’re ready to get a simple, scalable, repeatable marketing strategy that sets you up for long-term photography success, I’m here to show you exactly how it’s done, one brave step at a time. Let’s do this!


Everything you need to go from zero to running a successful blog for your photography business—all broken down into a simple 4-step process.

Blogging For Photography


Get the exact steps to start your blog, step into your confidence as a photographer, and attract new clients with ease.

Succeeding with blogging is all about consistency—and the key to staying consistent, is staying connected to the bigger “why” and strategy around your blog. Module 1 is all about understanding exactly how your blog will feed your business, so you can create with clear goals in mind. You’ll learn:

→ How to build a personal brand around your photography services

→ My high-powered content creation system that allows you to come up with 6 months of blog content… in under an hour.

→ The secret to creating blogs consistently, even if you struggle with writing or have very little free time

How does a blog go from idea to functional web page?? In this module, I’ll share every nitty gritty detail of getting your blog up and running. We’ll talk tech, startup programs, and more—all in a way that feels totally non-boring and simple to implement. We’ll cover:

→ How to claim your blog domain

→ How to set up your blog with WordPress (even if your website is through another service - it’s simple, I swear!)

→ How to install blog themes, create categories, use tags, and get your blog ready for readers
(Don’t worry if this feels confusing I’ll make sure you are a pro by the end)

What’s Inside Blogging For Photography?

Developing Your Blog Strategy

Starting a Successful Blog From Scratch

Module 1

Module 2

The beautiful thing about blogging is that it allows you to leverage the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to create a “snowball effect” with your content marketing efforts. In the final module, I’ll share the strategies I use to stay booked out and sell my digital products with blogging. You’ll learn:

→ How to use Lightroom to hide keywords in your photos & make your blogs uber searchable

→ The secret to getting people to share your blog content on Pinterest

→ My ‘secret sauce’ content repurposing strategy that will allow you to get 3 months (!!) of results with just ONE blog post

SEO & Growing Your Blog

Module 4

Your blog is live, woohoo! Next step—turning your blog ideas into strategic content. In this module, you’ll learn exactly how to create articles that get read, attract your ideal clients, and position you as a confident, trustworthy expert in your niche. You’ll learn:

→ The step-by-step process for creating an article—from formatting your headlines to hitting the publish button, we’ll break the tech process all the way down to nuts and bolts.

→ How to use Grammarly to write like a pro, sound legit, and stop asking yourself, “Where is the comma supposed to go again?”

→ How to set highlight images, customize your URLs, write strategic metadescriptions, and much more.

Creating Irresistible Blog Posts

Module 3

While other photographers waste an entire afternoon editing their next TikTok, you’ll be confidently signing your next client. 

Ever feel like creating engaging blog posts for your clients takes too long? Looking for a way to write more authentic content that still sounds like you without spending hours at the keyboard? Module 5 is your secret weapon:

Effortless Content Creation: Learn how to harness Chat GPT to brainstorm, draft, and refine blog posts in a fraction of the time. Spend less time writing and more time capturing moments!

→ Maintain Your Unique Voice: Worried AI will make your content sound robotic? Discover techniques to ensure your blog posts keep your personal touch, resonating with your clients as if you wrote every word yourself.

Tailored Client Engagement: Create content that truly matters to your clients. With Chat GPT, you can easily craft posts that answer their questions and address their needs, making your blog a go-to resource.

With Module 5, you'll turn blogging from a time-consuming task into a streamlined part of your photography business, without losing the authenticity and personal connection that your clients love. Get ready to embrace a new era of blogging that saves you time and brings you closer to your audience!

Leveraging ChatGPT for Efficient, Authentic Blogging

Module 5

Blogging For Photography equips you with literally everyythiiiiiing you need to know to start a successful blog from scratch and create a simple marketing strategy that boosts your confidence & brings your ideal clients straight to your door.

Ever feel like you’re not a “real” photographer? Building a successful blog busts imposter syndrome in its tracks!

Publishing regular blogs will help you claim your credibility, step into your competence, and start feeling like the pro you are.

Call In Your Confidence

This isn’t the next shiny object—blogging is a content marketing strategy that’s stood the test of time.

The process I’m teaching you is well-vetted and proven to get results. If you work the plan, it will work for you.

Grow With Tried-and-Tested Strategy

You started your business because you love photography—but increasing your bottom line is always nice too, right??

With the visibility you gain with your blog, you’ll have no problem keeping your client pipeline flowing and raising your rates to reflect demand.

Boost Your Revenue

If you’ve heard of SEO but think it sounds either robotic or intimidating, take a deep breath. It doesn’t have to be that way!

You’ll learn how to cleverly implement strong, searchable keywords in your blog—in a way that sounds totally human & drives serious traffic to your articles.

Sharpen Your SEO Savvy 

When it comes to starting a new blog, no question is too basic.

I’m literally walking you click-by-click through the process of planning, producing, and publishing your blogs—in a highly strategic, low-stress way that helps you achieve your photography biz goals.

Want to knock the whole course out in a long afternoon? You’ve got it!

Want to break each module down over a few weeks? That’s cool too!

When you join, you get instant access to the entire program, so you can get started ASAP

 Get End-to-End Guidance

Go At Your Own Pace 

Monthly of Live Q&A With Me: Every month, we’ll meet for a LIVE call where you can ask your questions, get personalized advice from me, and get any extra support you need to feel confident building your blog.

Sign up now & you’ll also unlock my BONUS SUITE of resources designed to help you leverage your blog to reach your next level of success.

SEO For Photographers Checklist: SEO doesn’t have to be scary! This checklist makes it easy to optimize every blog post for the best possible results. 



Plus… did someone say bonuses??

Canva Templates For Pinterest: Creating Pinterest graphics for your blogs is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your articles! These brandable, customizable templates make it easy. 


Client Questionnaire Template: Let your clients write your blogs for you! You’ll get the exact questionnaires I use with my brides to collect info about their big day, which you can easily repurpose into blogs. 


Narrative Publish VIP Discount: Save on one of my favorite blog-supoprt programs. With Narrative Publish, you can effortlessly tell your photography stories through beautiful, SEO-optimized, visual blog articles your audience will love.


5-Part Blogging For Photography System + All of THAT Bonus Goodness = Your Clear, Simple, Totally Doable Path to Blogging Success!

Blogging For Photography is perfect for you if…

You’re an established photographer who’s currently working with clients

Brand new photographers who’ve never worked with a client before

You’re ready to feel more confident & start showing up like a pro

Anyone who’s convinced blogging is “dead” or “out of style”

You want to be more visible and more known in your niche

Likewise, this course is NOT a good fit for…

Photographers who care more about followers/likes than real clients

You’re looking for a simple way to attract more clients

You like the idea of implementing a long-term, scalable marketing strategy

You want to use blogging to step into your confidence & find your voice

 Anyone looking for a quick fix or an overnight solution

Blogging For Photography

The Easy, 5-Part System For Starting a Successful Photography Blog From Scratch


Sound Like You? Enroll Now…

  • Blogging For Photography Course Modules
  • Video Trainings & Resources For Each Lesson
  • BONUS: SEO For Photographers Checklist
  • BONUS: Canva Templates For Pinterest
  • BONUS: Client Questionnaire Template
  • BONUS: Narrative Publish VIP Discount

4 monthly payments of  $89

Biggest Savings

one time payment of $298


12 monthly payments of $30

What platform should you use to start your blog?

What are the exact steps to create and grow a new blog?

How do you come up with interesting blog topics?

How can you customize popular content ideas to work for wedding photography, family photography, and virtually any other niche?

How can you simplify & streamline WordPress?

How do you use SEO without sounding like a robot?

How many words should a blog post even be?

How can you get your photographs discovered on Pinterest?

How do you turn blog readers into booked clients?

…and more.

Right now, you have a zillion burning questions about how to grow your photography business with blogging. In this course, I’m answering ALL of them, including:

The business space is full of people who will promise you the moon to make a quick buck—but that’s never been the name of my game.

I’m SO confident this course is what you need to take your photography business to the next level, that I’m willing to make you a 30-Day Success Guarantee.

Sign up for the course. Watch all the modules. Do the homework. Come to the Q&A calls. If you put in the work for 30 days and STILL feel like you don’t understand how to start your blog—I’ll refund your entire purchase.

My Promise to You

money back 


Blogging For Photography

The Easy, 5-Part System For Starting a Successful Photography Blog From Scratch


Sound Like You? Enroll Now…

  • Blogging For Photography Course Modules
  • Video Trainings & Resources For Each Lesson
  • BONUS: SEO For Photographers Checklist
  • BONUS: Canva Templates For Pinterest
  • BONUS: Client Questionnaire Template
  • BONUS: Narrative Publish VIP Discount

4 monthly payments of  $89

Biggest Savings

one time payment of $298


12 monthly payments of $30



"This course was a game-changer for my photography business! The lessons on SEO and content creation were eye-opening. I'm now attracting more clients through my blog than I ever did through social media alone. Highly recommend to any photographer looking to expand their online presence!"

Q: When does this course start and finish?

It’s self-paced! You’ll get instant access as soon as you enroll, and the resources inside are yours to keep forever. You can binge the whole program in a day or break it up over a few weeks. Whatever works best for your schedule!

Still Have Questions? Here Are Your Answers…

Q: When are the bonus Q&A calls?

An email will go out on the 1st of every month with the time and date for the LIVE Q+A call that month. You’ll have the opportunity to submit questions before the call each month—so even if you can’t attend live, you can get the support you need to take your next brave step.

Q: Does blogging still work in 2023?

YESSS! For those who will create content consistently and commit to the long game, blogging is a business game changer. My blog has been my key to staying booked out + selling digital products with ease through MANY different seasons of life. If you’re willing to do the work, blogging will work for you!

Q: How long will it take to see results from blogging?

From the day you publish your blog, you’ll experience a boost in confidence and credibility. After about 3-6 months of publishing content consistently, your content will start consistently attracting leads into your business—and THAT’S when you start seeing results you can take to the bank. Bloggin is a long game, but once that momentum kicks in around the 6-month mark, your success will snowball. 

Q: Will I get 1:1 coaching with you in this course?

Nope! This course is designed to give you a simple, self-paced path to blogging. IF you’re looking for more comprehensive photography business mentorship or private coaching, you can learn more about that over here. 

Q: I have more questions…

Cool! Get in touch at hello@chelsyweisz.com and we’ll be happy to answer any outstanding questions you still have. 

Blogging For Photography

The Easy, 5-Part System For Starting a Successful Photography Blog From Scratch


Sound Like You? Enroll Now…

  • Blogging For Photography Course Modules
  • Video Trainings & Resources For Each Lesson
  • BONUS: SEO For Photographers Checklist
  • BONUS: Canva Templates For Pinterest
  • BONUS: Client Questionnaire Template
  • BONUS: Narrative Publish VIP Discount

4 monthly payments of  $89

Biggest Savings

one time payment of $298


12 monthly payments of $30

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